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Scene 1:
After an exhausting day at work, at a tiring hour of 6:30pm, Bill sits himself down on the couch only to find how upset his wife, Jane was on not being taken to her promised shopping session. Jane had been tired herself from taking care of her notorious three year old girl, Kate. Seeing Bill´s concerned face, Jane enquires the reason for his frown and learns that Bill was not qualified for a position in his company due to a lacking certification. Now Jane knew that obtaining a certification was a cumbersome task, however she wanted to be a fully supportive wife and got Bill a reference book... a 500 page long book! Bill had put on his study hat and sat down with his coffee, ready to burn the night oil. Just when he was beginning to understand the 6th line of the 10th page of a sleep-inducing book, Kate came around to spend time with her daddy (we love you lil Kate). That is when Bill realized that he is not only compromising on his health and sleep, but on his family life too. He wanted a teacher... who would motivate him and also help him find an antidote to the ´sleep-inducing´ certification reference book!

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