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Project Management Plan and its Approvals


Project management plan is a plan which conssist of 18 to 19 subsidiary  plans (they contains the basies of scope,shedule and cost). 

This plan should be apprved by sponsor or high entity management, then usaully a kick of meeting used to be done if the project is not small and before Executing phase.

However in my opion  this approval document is becoming very very week as some project documents which outcome from Execution phase will be input to some plan at planning phase. 

For example "Project team assignments-described in section PMBOK® 6th Ed" is an input to "Plan Procurement management 12.1" this make the approval document for project management plan is very weak.

PMI-PMBOK® 6th Ed explain this and saying for example (Processes) usaually carried out in parallel in practices. 

However in my opioin It doesn't matter if they carried out in parallel, the most concern for me are:-

By using Rolling Wave Planning and using adpative or agile methodlogy I destroy the approval document for Project management plan.

Mansour thabet






Mansour Thabet Ali -

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Project and Development Life Cycle


Hello PMP® aspirants,

Many a times during the preperation of PMP® I have come across the Product development life cycle  topics. However, after reading the definitions  (pg 19 PMBOK® 6)  it is unclear for me the definitions of Predictive , Iterative, Incremental and Adaptive. I also would like to understand from actual examples.

Thank you and looking forward for support !



Abhijit Giradkar

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I bought the videos  from the site for 25$ however I cant see all videos being enabled. only free videos are available.

pls check n let me know

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Parkinson's Law


good morning Sir,


i have listened to your lecture on Parkinson's law (Estimate Avtivity Duration), and i think the example you gave is not relevant to what this law mean. correct me if I am wrong:

Parkinson's law is the tendency for the amount of work required for something to increase so that it consumes any amount of time that may be allotted to it.

Here are a few examples of Parkinson's law in various contexts:

  • Applications will usually consume all available bandwidth.
  • The volume of data tends to grow to fill storage capacity.
  • Project requirements typically increase to the extent that resources are fully used up.
  • Software expands to use up system memory.
  • Financial outlay will increase to exhaust any usable budget. 





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Manage Project Knowledge VS Organizational Process Asset



just a question to clear my doubt regarding Manage Project Knowledge VS Organizational Process Asset. why they created a separate process for Manage Project Knowledge when there is an Organization process asset update as an outout to most of the processes through the project life cycle. as far as I know the main output of Manage Project Knowledge is lesson learned register so how can we differenciate between lesson learned register stored in the Manage Project Knowledge and the lesson learned updated in the OPA. Thank you


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What is the difference between EAC= BAC/CPI Or EAC= AC +BAC-EV?


Can you please explain the difference between both the formulas?

Paul Cambell

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